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AIM-D Design Lab

By Thon Ng

Mr. Thon Ng had been awarded:-




Best Designer Award 94 By President of Malaysian Institue of Arts


Young Designer Award 96 By YAB Dato Seri Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad (Prime minister of Malaysia)


Sound & Images Award 95 By YB Mr. Law Heng Ding (minister of science and environment)




Established since 1996, formerly known as Render Sdn. Bhd. Specialise in 3D Drafting. VB programing CAD lecturer, web hosting. 


With implementing 3D with Action Script of flash, to create a standalone program and interact with product, a series of program functions created like:-


  • Interactive Program

  • Product Introduction

  • Product Operation

  • Product Comparison

  • Plant Visual

  • Production Flow

  • Hologhost effect



In year 2000 AIM-D Design lab formed to cater the needs of machinery presentation and furniture industrial in Malaysia, China, HongKong etc





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